ALWAYS check our list of BANNED CONTENT prior to submitting torrents!

Site Rules!

Avatar Guidelines - Top

  • Save your avatar picture here: Bitbucket
  • The allowed formats include: .gif, .jpg and .png.
  • Image size should be no larger than 150 pixels/width (or 150kb in size).
  • Potentially offensive material involving human or animal cruelty is prohibited. Any questions regarding the appropriateness of an avatar should be directed to the Helpdesk.

Terms of Service - Top provides its users with an infrastructure to communicate and share gay-related material/communications using a private bit-torrent tracker, IRC chat and an open forum. Accordingly, we are configured as an online service provider within the intent and meaning of international copyright law. We are not a cyber-locker and do not temporarily or permanently store any shared files on our servers. All torrent material actually originates and resides on a user's computer.

    We are a non-commercial site with no charges associated with use of the website or tracker. We do not offer any additional premium services. Our intent is to provide a free multi-format resource for the worldwide gay community. Material shared on this site are for personal use only. Any donations received are applied only to the server and maintenance costs of operating the site. The site is staffed by volunteer community members who donate their time to the site operation.

    We do not open nor view the files of our users. Torrent submissions immediately post to the browse listings page and are subject to review at any time. Any file is permitted under assumptions of fair use and/or ownership, irrespective of file format or content. However, files whose possession and/or distribution are illegal or otherwise banned on will be removed, such as:

    • Underage performers and child pornography
    • Attempts to commercialize torrent posts listed on this site.
    • Validated notification of 3rd party copyright infringement, for example DMCA Takedown Notices Updated
    • Inappropriate communications that are perceived as inflammatory, hateful, harassing and/or threatening.
    • Material supporting hate, violence or otherwise public disorder.
    • Content from the Banned List will quickly block such content after being notified of them and delete these files after an inspection time period of 14 days or less. During this time the site will make a determination of proper notification and inquiry regarding ownership of any disputed material per Site Policy and Procedures. Users may not use this site to distribute any material when they do not have the legal right to do so. It is the responsibility of each user to adhere to these terms.

    By activating an account and using our site and/or service, users agree that we are authorized to block access and delete torrent links for any violation. We have a policy of terminating, without notice and without recourse, accounts of users who are repeat infringers of site policies, based on our sole judgment of suspicion or notification we may receive.

    You must be 18 years of age (21 years in some countries and certain areas of the US) to access this site. Viewing, reading and downloading of sexually explicit materials must not violate the standards of the area in which you live. By using this website, you are stating that you want to view sexually explicit material and that you believe that sexual acts between consenting adults are neither offensive nor obscene and that as an adult it is your right to receive/view sexually explicit material. You hereby agree the material you are viewing or downloading is for your own personal use and you will not expose minors to that material.

    We reserve the right to modify, alter or add to any site policy. All users should therefore regularly check back to these policies to stay current on any such changes.

General Rules - Top

  • Only one account is allowed per Internet Protocol address and user. Attempts to create multiple accounts will trigger our monitoring system that immediately terminates both accounts (). Be aware that two or more account-holders using the same router/local network or allowing someone else to access their account on your internet connection will trigger this system. The same will occur if you attempt to access your account using another account holders internet access.
  • Child pornography is strictly prohibited. If a torrent is posted from a studio known to use underage models or if the minimum age of a youthful appearing actor cannot be confirmed to be at least 18 years of age, we reserve the right to remove such content. If you are uploading torrents for videos or pictures for which the original producer or distributor is unknown, then the models must also look over 18 as well as be over 18 years old. The IP and e-mail address of any confirmed violator of this rule will be reported to and permanently banned from the site.
  • Maintain your minimum required ratio by continuing to seed after downloading. If you do not maintain a good ratio, the system will automatically send you a Ratio Warning () and specify a grace period that you will have to improve it before your download privileges are disabled ().
  • Inflammatory comments or disruptive behavior anywhere on this site will result in a System Warning () that temporarily prevents downloading for a specified period of time. Repeat infringers will be banned.
  • takes the privacy of it's members seriously. Therefore do not post your real name, address, e-mail address or IP in the torrent's presentations, torrent comments or forum. Please exchange personal information by PM only with members you trust.
  • Do not use temporary e-mail addresses. There are multiple ways to remain anonymous without needing to use temporary e-mails. These are commonly used by cheaters and will result in account deactivation.
  • The posting of expletives anywhere is prohibited.
  • Discussions and requests how to hack or rip a web site; crack or remove copy protections and Digital Restriction Management (DRM) systems; remove invisible watermarks in media files; and requests or offers to share passwords, logins or invitations are prohibited. Do not request or offer to share files obtained by these activities.
  • Requests for uploads are strictly prohibited. This includes the torrent descriptions, comments, forum and shoudbox.New
  • Tagging torrents to a public tracker is prohibited.
  • Offsite links may be used, except if linking to pictures, pages and sites containing content not allowed by this General Rules.
  • Be courteous to all staff members, who volunteer their time to keep the site operational. Follow their instruction. Users may not change or remove editing modifications made by moderators.

Uploading Rules - Top

  1. Do not submit BANNED material. A list of all currently banned material is located here. If you submit banned material you will receive a warning () that temporarily prevents downloading for a specified period of time. Repeat infringers will be banned.
  2. DUPLICATE files are not allowed and will be removed. You are expected to run a search for duplicates prior to submitting a torrent. Duplicates may be accepted when part of a themed collection. A file is considered a duplicate if an existing torrent has the same format and similar size (<10% difference) and has at least one seeder.
  3. Porn with mainly sexual or fetish interaction involving women must be placed in the Straight older, Straight younger or Bisexual categories. Porn involving feces must be placed in the Scat category.Updated
  4. If you are unable to seed a new upload, don't submit it until you can. If you are unable to continuously seed, please state so in the comment section of your upload to inform other users of the delay. You MUST CONTINUE SEEDING YOUR TORRENT until at least three or four other members have completely downloaded the file and can continue seeding for you. If you do not seed your upload within 3 days, it will be deleted and need to be resubmitted.
  5. Upload only ONE NEW TORRENT AT A TIME in order to initially seed your upload as fast as possible. If multiple torrents are uploaded, they MUST be completed within 24 hours.
  6. All non-porn material must be LGBTQ themed by its main plot and characters or contain a recurring LBGTQ subplot. Gay-interest, an openly gay actor or minor gay references are insufficient to meet this requirement. Also acceptable are non-porn films involving voyeurism of the adult male physique. Examples of voyeuristic material include bodybuilding, wrestling and underwear/swimwear.
  7. Sharing Music, Music Videos, Video Games (e.g. PSP/XBOX) and Commercial Applications is prohibited.
  8. Do not upload VIDEO packed in archives (zip, rar, ...), password protected files, or material that needs to acquire a license for playing
  9. A COLLECTION is a group of files that have a well-defined common theme.
    • The Title must specify the theme and the degree of completeness (all videos from 2010-2011; full site rip or complete as of a specific month/year; videos from a studio or featuring an actor; numerical series 100-200, 301-499; alphabetical listings of A-C, D-F; n number of clips of a particular porn theme; etc).
    • The description must contain a list of all video files or titles including, by at least copy/paste the torrent’s file list. Please list video files and titles available through other existing torrents with links to their descriptions.
    • A collection may overlap with another collection if it has a different central theme. For example, a collection may include a studio series from #201 to #239; with some duplicate files found in a collection about a specific actor; or a resubmission of a site rip after 3 months in order to keep it updated.
  10. We only allow EXACT copies of DVD Videos in image file (.iso, .img) or DVD VIDEO_TS folder structure (complete .IFO, .BUP and .VOB) format so the downloader can keep it in it's original format or convert it to another file type with little quality loss.Updated
    • Do NOT upload other file formats (avi, wmv, mpeg, mp4, etc) which were converted into DVD Video.
    • All DVD Video uploads must be put in the DVD-R category regardless of it's content.Updated
    • If you knowingly post a DVD that has been shrunk (ie. from DVD9 to DVD5 or dual layer to standard DVD) then you should make a note of that in the description box.
  11. Any information, e.g. the title, categories, pictures and description must correctly represent the content of the files shared with the torrent and avoid misleading members about the content. This applies as well to additions, votes or comments made by other members than the original uploader. In doubt, rather than providing wrong information, omit it.
    • No coded names and titles, e.g. "J0hn D 0 3" for John Doe. Torrent titles must match the name of the video, program, etc. when known.Updated
    • At least one good quality picture is mandatory for the torrent presentation.
    • Torrents in the Themed Movie and TV / Episodes categories need to indicate the audio language(s) and, if present, the subtitle language(s), including if optional, forced or hardcoded in the video.
    • Descriptions in the title such as "Hot!", "Must See!", "Best Ever!", "New" or "Latest" are unacceptable. The comment area is the only appropriate place to give your personal opinion of the content or otherwise make personal requests. Include the release date, rather than "New", "Latest", etc. ...
    • Do not plead or thank for seed bonus points in the description area.Updated
    Remark: Please provide as much information as possible. For details read the Guidelines in the Upload-Guide..

Questions regarding these requirements may be answered by reading our Upload-Guide and the FAQ. If you have further questions, write the Helpdesk.

Downloading Rules - Top

  • Download privileges require that a minimum ratio of upload to download amounts be maintained. Minimum ratios are based on the total amount you have downloaded and can be found here. As your downloading amount increases, so does the minimum required ratio.
  • Continue seeding your files until well after your download has finished. Not sharing/seeding what you have downloaded will only hurt your ratio.
  • When your account ratio is less than the Minimum Required Ratio, a warning will be automatically sent to you and a grace time period will start. During this grace time, you will ONLY BE ALLOWED TO DOWNLOAD TWO TORRENTS AT A TIME. If your ratio is not improved by the end of this time period, your download privileges will be temporarily suspended until it is fixed. (). You will, however, be allowed to download from freeleech torrents.
  • Torrent Limits: Downloading of more than one torrent at a time is limited by the following parameters:

    Total uploaded amount is < 5 GB and your ratio is:
    < 0.75 = 3 torrents
    < 1.00 = 4 torrents
    > 1.00 = 5 torrents

    Total uploaded amount is < 10 GB and your ratio is:
    < 0.35 = 3 torrents
    < 0.75 = 4 torrents
    < 1.00 = 5 torrents
    > 1.00 = 6 torrents

    Total uploaded amount is < 25 GB and your ratio is:
    < 0.35 = 3 torrents
    < 0.75 = 5 torrents
    < 1.00 = 6 torrents
    > 1.00 = 10 torrents

    The above limitations remain in effect for all accounts with User Status and a total uploaded amount greater than 40 GB. Once Power User status has been achieved, the following limitations go into effect:

    Total uploaded amount is > 25 GB and your ratio is:
    < 0.75 = 7 torrents
    < 1.00 = 8 torrents
    > 1.00 = 15 torrents

    Users who have donated to the site are allowed 200 torrents at one time.

  • You can show appreciation to fellow users for their torrent posts by using the Thank You button and awarding bonus seed points.