Alpha Yoga Power Master Muscle worship Flex Posing Intense Eye Contact

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This Brazilian alpha male loves to show off for the camera and loves showing off his intense eye contact that takes your breathe away and makes your jaw drop to the floor.
He flexes as hard as he can and loves feeling like the powerful alpha master that he is. He does tons of stomach vacuums/ab rolls, flexing, etc.
He often uses awesome music for his pose downs and ab tricks as well.
This is just a sample for 10 mins, if you guys like it, I have tons more of him.
Unfortunately, he dissapeared from live cams recently, but I'm hoping we can get him out there a bit cuz he is unique, one of a kind, and a bit of an alpha dream.
Oh ya, and he has a ROCK hard striated ass that he loves to flex and show off too.
Hoping he comes back to doing live camming.. If anyone finds him online, let me know as well!
Good luck trying not to watch this 100 times.

2022-11-24 22:58:57
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