♺ Getting Straight (Studio 2000)

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Original upload: 2012-10-05 |

Adorable morsels (ripped and smooth) get it on every which way. Covermodel Tony Donovan is lucky if he can get that anaconda of his anywhere near straight. The boy needs a hoisting crane.
Set in a halfway house for young men who would otherwise be forced to survive on the streets, the story kicks off as attitudesy - and h-u-n-g - Tony Donovan is welcomed in. While that's happening, two lads playfully toss mashed potatoes at each other in the kitchen, which leads to a whole lot of ass-wagging and finger fucking. A cock is soon added, which doesn't bother bottom boy one spud's worth.
Before you know it, a bemused Donovan stumbles in, but quickly departs. Worry not, that morsel eventually gets gobbled - by Starr. Elsewhere, Stratton and Sloane play a game of "winner gets what he wants from the loser" pool.
Nobody loses in that game, as freckled blondie Sloane starts sucking, and then bottoming. Getting back to morsel Donovan, he screws Starr in every which way - hanging through a fence, on top of him, and bent over. Word gets out regarding the newbie's Titanic-sized dong and everyone's got a shoehorn ready, so to speak.
Once you cut through all the hype and self-serving crap that is the prisoners' stew of the porn world these days, the real news seems to be about a young man going by the name of Tony Donovan. The name is well-chosen. Remember Chad Donovan? And, before that, Rick Donovan. The Donovan name seems to certify extra large, extra prime cut-juicy, flavorsome and luscious-dick. And these words certainly fit young Tony like latex rubbers fit his beautifully sculpted oversized cock. Tony's from redwood country so it just goes with the territory, I guess. Tony has brought his youthful good looks; his unassuming charm and his very assuming masterpiece to us and Derek Kent has fashioned a show around it. We call it Getting Straight. It might seem a strange title for a gay porn movie but once you've seen Tony and his big friend, you'll probably understand. His cock is straight arrow perfection and his personality matches. Producer Scott Masters has surrounded Tony with an exciting mix of popular young porn stars and hot young men that is the hallmark of the STUDIO 2000 image.

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