Studio 2000 - Bar Trade (avi)

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Starring Jason Harley, Rafael Alencar, Rod Daily, CJ Madison, Ben Campezi, Troy Moore, Bryson Richards, Julian Vasquez and Damon Phoenix.

Directed by Chad Donovan.

Above all, "Bar Trade" is a valentine to rimming. There is plenty of sucking and fucking, and all of it fantastic, but there is a particular affinity for the ass-munch here, so much so that it's even a plot point. Luckily, director Chad Donovan has picked a cast of guys all with perfect asses, so the favored sexual act looks doubly dee-lish at every turn.

C.J. Madison is the leader of the stripping gang at "Bar Trade," a quiet establishment with two poles and a large stage. C.J. does an excellent turn on the poles, looking like this ain't his first time doing it, and introduces Jason Harley, the newest pole dancer. The handsome brunet beefcake is popular with the tippers, and he doesn't have to wow with the athleticism C.J. used. Some guys just make you want to reach for your pocket, you know?

Jason's friend Damon Phoenix, he of the enormous lips and bashful young face, is in the audience. Damon cautions his friend that if he wants to make "the real money," he's going to have to work the back rooms and private dances. But, Jason is hesitant because he's straight. Damon suggests he just watch some of the action and see how he feels about it.

In the back, cutesy blond Troy Moore is sucking the thrillingly enormous cock on lean tattooed hunk C.J. while elegant goateed Ben Campezi sucks the too-puffy giant Bryson Richards. Troy is a real hero doing C.J. here, for that cock is no easy one, but he works beautifully, with lots of sultry eye contact. Ben does fine sucking as well, but the chemistry between Troy and C.J. keeps them as the focus. However, C.J. then takes utter control of the scene by stacking all three guys on top of each other and licking their asses (and Troy's cock). This is a rimming lover's dream. Troy has the cutest bubble-butt, while Ben and Bryson are a different type of treat. C.J. worships them all, though none more so than Troy's. It's back to sucking, with Troy on Ben and Bryson on C.J., while Jason watches intently. Once again, Troy mops the floor with his competition, his ferocious spirit edging out the somewhat wan Bryce. The insertion shot of C.J. going into Troy is an extravagant affair, with both milking it for maximum effect. C.J. then proceeds to give Troy one hell of a fuck, grinding from his hips as Troy sucks Bryson doing Ben. Troy's ass is so smoothly welcoming, and C.J. takes full advantage of it. Troy remains very hard as he gets fucked missionary, but C.J. is a sweet top who keeps his hand helpfully parked on his bottom's dick as he's slashing in and out of his ass. The 69-ing Bryson and Ben are honestly just window dressing at this point. Troy is the cum blanket for the other three, including a heft shot from the hardworking C.J. However, Troy himself has the best of them all, a shot that runs the length of his body.

When Jason returns to Damon, he's stunned that guys eat each other's asses, and Damon boasts that he can "make a guy cum without touching his dick" because of the sensitivity of a guy's ass. Bryson then does his strip, which threatens to flatten poor Antonio Madeira and then Jason has to return to his stage work. The cleft-chinned hottie definitely has presence. That and his yummy ass garner lots of cash in the G-string.

With visual encouragement from Damon, Jason agrees to do a "private" with Julian Vasquez, a dark muscular guy who attacks Jason's dick with a very desirous mouth. He deep-throats the twitching cock with appreciated effort and Jason is soon relaxed into having a good time with his customer. Julian is more than content doing all of the work, though his uncut dick is hard and ready as well. Since Julian doesn't want to stop his excellent deep-throating, Jason doesn't volunteer to stop him. Finally, Jason decides to abandon his fear of rimming and turns his meaty cheeks to Julian's direction. Julian tears off with a frisky rimjob, his fast-paced tongue tickling around the ass and the loud slurping noises proving how good a time he's having. Jason sure lucked out with an expert ass-muncher for his first time. In fact, he's so grateful that he cums on Julian's face as soon as it's done. Jason jacks off his customer to a whopper shot.

When closing time comes around, Jason goes to leave, but he can't find Damon. That's because Damon has found unbelievably handsome Rafael Alencar as his playmate. The supersexy Spaniard has a dark dick that goes on for miles, but plucky Damon is ready for it. He wraps those succulent lips around it and doesn't let it go. Using his hand to help, he frequently looks up at Rafael and sees nothing but approval. Damon works his mouth raw trying to find ways of sucking down additional inches of this majestic cock, and isn't afraid to gag aiming for a deep-throat. Rafael then reciprocates with a sultry slower-paced blowjob that is no less exciting. Damon is hung well, and Rafael gets it all in his mouth. This already testosterone-jammed scene adds another layer with Rafael's dead-on rimjob. Damon has an unbeatable ass, just luscious in how meaty it is, and Rafael is seemingly all over it at once. In the hole, up the balls, at the cheeks. This is ass-eating at its finest. The camera comes really close into the action, which helps even more. As far as I'm concerned, watching Rafael work his magic through a grainy badly-lit camera would be awesome. Rafael then sits on Damon's cock to get fucked. Damon pushes up at him as he bounces, achieving a fun rhythm. The two make out as they fuck, and Damon wisely keeps his paws on Rafael's cock (Rafael's hands are too busy spreading his cheeks). I couldn't imagine the scene going by without flip-flop, and it's no disappointment when it happens. Rafael plants his enormous cock in Damon's cheeks and Damon rides backwards to get used to it. "Yessssss, baby!" Damon coos once they hit their stride. The energy level and mutual desire are so high here. Rafael power-fucks Damon, who very aggressively works at it himself. This fight for supremacy is a boon for the viewer, that's for sure. Rafael finally pulls out and sprinkles a hefty shot all over one of Damon's bitable pillowy ass cheeks. Damon pops big on Rafael's chest and a breezy perfect scene has ended.

Damon returns to the club to cheer on his pal Jason again, but after the show, Jason offers a private show to the beautiful blond Rod Daily, and even gives it to him for free, saying, "it's just a fuck," which are words Damon had used as a sort of apology for leaving with Rafael. The sexual tension between Damon and Jason is reaching a high pitch as Damon sadly watches the guys go off together.

Rod dives right for Jason's cock as soon as they hit the back room. Chiseled Rod is as hunky as they come, and of course he looks even better with cock crammed into his mouth. While massaging Jason's balls with one hand, he's able to deep-throat Jason with a wet lusty blowjob. Jason helps out inked Rod with a 69, his first crack at cocksucking. He does a fine amiable job on Rod's thin curving dick. Once he gets used to it, he's even rather playful and teasing. Rod is underneath Jason, sucking happily with Jason's balls smacking his face. And then Jason finally gets to taste buttcrack. He pulls up Rod's leg and lets his tongue go to work. Luckily for Rod, Jason has been paying attention to all he's seen and does a worthwhile job. Then, straight stripper Jason gets fucked! Rod squeezes his dick into the tight ass and then plows ahead. Jason at first looks pained, but then damn content as Rod delivers a fun eager fuck. He couldn't look hotter doing it, smacking hard with all the power his shapely torso allows. The shots from behind are very hot, because you can see Rod's ass in full glory as well. They switch to a missionary position, and this is where Rod has to pull out quickly to unload on Jason's stomach. Jason sprays his goo on Rod's chest.

Damon, looking ultra-fetching in just undies, is at home reading when Jason stops by. Jason admits that he slung those harsh words back in Damon's face to get back at him, confessing that he thinks he's not "totally straight." It seems he really wants to have sex with his longtime best friend and goes to kiss him. Damon has obviously wanted this for just as long, so he obliges with tender mouth action of his own. There has not been any kissing so far in this movie as it's saved for this big romantic finale. However, things quickly turn more voracious as verbally-inclined Damon gets his dick sucked by Jason, now a pro at all things man-to-man sexual. Jason works Damon with a variety of styles and seems to really enjoy himself. It's a luxurious blowjob and Damon bleats in ecstasy as he receives it. They then 69, with Jason still intent on sucking, but Damon going right for Jason's hairy ass with a fever that stings! He is a maniac with his tongue, working all over the butt with long lapping and even some tongue-fucking. Jason soon makes it a rimming 69, the ultimate act in this story that loves ass-munching so much, and it's gorgeous to behold. Damon's ass is the kind that deserves something in it at all times and though he's the heartier of the two, Jason does a fine tickle. The camera spends equal time on each ass, and deservedly so. Damon flings his legs up in the air so Jason can fuck him. Jason is strong and authoritative as Damon reaches up to scratch at his chest in encouragement. Jason buries his dick in Damon's ass with long deep thrusts, maintaining great speed as well. It doesn't get hotter than watching Damon getting it doggy, his big thighs and meaty ass pushed toward his top, fighting all of that muscle to get deeper inside. The tables are then turned and Damon gets to fuck Jason, doing so from the always-tricky sideways position. They rock together comfortably and Damon's zeal is unabated. He pushes in way deep with lots of intent. Damon shoots a very impressive shot all over Jason's leg and then Jason does about the same on his torso.
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