Aries & Ricky (Serviced)

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These two hot guys start by doing some side-by-side stroking, not really paying much attention to the pussy flick playing for them. Pretty sure Ricky has got some bi in him, and at this point, who knows where Aries stands on his primary interests.

I think Aries has become a size queen. He was enthralled with how long and fat Ricky's cock was, and was on a mission to get it all in his mouth.  Truly it is a mountain that needs to be ascended!

Ricky also stepped up his game by not only sucking cock, but eating Aries' hot hole. It is awesome to see his amazing cock dangling while he tongues his ass.

Aries then eats Ricky out, while getting his cock sucked and jerk. I think this little piggy was liking it!

Ricky then strokes his cock until he fills Aries's mouth with his hot load.  Aries ramps up and spills his own seed, the cum still on his lips!

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2013-07-17 14:03:36
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