♺ Gay Patrol - Suspect on the Run, Gets Deep Dick Conviction

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Original upload: 2016-12-16 04:03:42 |
Dec 1, 2016
We pulled over this suspicious vehicle and we were confirmed when we see saw that it was a Black male who was driving. This DWB was acting suspicious, so we told him to get out his car so we can perform a thorough strip search. While I was feeling around for his weapon, my partner officer Jones took a look at his trunk. But thats when the suspect became agitated and resisted arrest. He broke free and fled the scene. We pursued him and chased him through the crime ridden streets. We finally caught him when officer West flanked him with his car. After we arrested him, we took him to our private spot and gave him a chance to earn his freedom. We let him suck our dicks and we each took a turn pounding him in his chocolate ass. He loved it too, turns out because he came hard after we nutted on his face.
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