Bait Buddies 824 - Cesar Rossi & Jeremiah Cruz mp4

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We haven't seen Cesar Rossi since 2022 but he's back at the studio and this stud is looking for some fresh straight cock to start the New Year off right! Cesar knows how to make straight guys feel comfortable and when they get hard and horny, they simply can't resist his sexy bubble butt!

Jeremiah is this week's straight guy and he's red hot and on fire! Jeremiah is one sexy dude and he takes excellent care of his body! He's ripped and toned but his uncut cock with leave your mouth watering! It's big and it's thick and hopefully, Cesar will get to see how it feels thrusting inside him!

Caruso tells both guys to get naked and get hard. Once he sees that neither guy is going to have any issues staying hard, he steps out to get the girl that they'll be fucking today. But, he returns with terrible news. The girl won't be showing up today but if everyone wants to stick around and make money then he has another option available. If both guys will have sex with each other then Caruso will continue with the scene plus he'll pay them double the money. Jeremiah said that he's never been with a guy but he'll give it a shot as long as nothing goes near his butt! We'll see if he changes his mind about that...

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