Passport to Paradise - 4k upscaled - remastered

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Used AI Technology to upscale this movie.

Starring Raging Stallion's Man of the Year 2005, Miguel Leonn (Bone Island, Thick as Thieves, Wet Dreams, Stoked), in the greatest performance of his life, Passport features an all-Latin cast (with the exception of the blond all-American Pete Ross, of course!) in a movie that will be forever listed as one of the finest films of 2005. Raging Stallion exclusives Ivan Andros (Agony of Ecstasy, Crossroads of Desire, Dreamers, Isle of Men, Bone Island, The Shaft), Carlos Morales (World of Men, Nexus, Fire in the Hole), Enrico Vega (Stick it In), and Manuel Torres (Stoked), as well as superstud Mario Cruz, and Cadinot superstar Gerald round out the cast.

-----Let me know if you have any wishes what movie I should remaster next. Put a link to the torrent (DVD source or 1080p file) in the comments. -----
2021-11-14 02:12:08
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