Helix Studios - Fantasy Fuck - Seth Peterson & Sebastian Cruz [720p+PICS]

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Helix Studios
Fantasy Fuck
Seth Peterson & Sebastian Cruz


Release: November 20, 2021
Length: 25m 30s

New boy on the block, Sebastian Cruz woke up with massive morning wood, prompting him to bust out his phone, and watch his fantasy boy, Seth Peterson stroking it in the shower. Then, Sebastian’s fantasy quickly becomes reality when pretty boy Peterson’s hand reaches up from under the covers! They kiss, and caress like long lost lovers, horny as hell! Clad in tight, red hot underwear, Seth straddles sexed up Sebastian, then makes his way down to that colossal cock.

He deep throats the big bone like a beast, as Cruz moans in ecstasy, and hammers his hips up hard enough to make the bed shake. Peterson dismounts, licks his lips, then says, “my turn.” He flanks each side of Sebastian’s face with muscular thighs; and, Cruz crams that cock all the way down his throat, as he cups the boy’s beautiful booty. Satisfied with a thorough throating, Seth slinks back down to prime his boy’s super smooth back door with a tantric tongueing.

With his boy wet, warm, and ready, Peterson smacks the dude on the donk, bends him over, then slips his perfect porn star piece deep inside. He quickly revs up the engine, pounding that horny hole into submission….. HARD! Wanting to gaze at Seth’s gorgeous mug, Sebastian flips over, and Peterson continues cramming him full of cock. Bottom boy jacks his giant as the pair fuck, and kiss with crazy hot chemistry, while looking into one another’s eyes.

Both boys start to pant with pleasure, and soon enough, Sebastian gets splattered with seed! It shoots up, splashing into his hair, with the remainder of Seth’s righteous wrath landing on the twink’s tongue. Our top twunk immediately goes in for a taste; and, the pretty pair share the splendor in a triumphant tongue twirler.

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