Archer Sex Clips

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from Drawn Hentai, It's a couple of short clips where they edited Archer clips, and added some of their own creation to make Archer and Lana have sex together.  It's a bit cheesy, but good enough.  A must have for anyone who's drawn to archer in a sexual way.  (or Lana, if that's your cup of tea.)

Two clips.
First 5:53 at 720 X402 at 24 frames a second (1467 kbps) 61.7 MB MPG
Second 5:22 at 864 X 480 at 29 frames a second (1468 kbps) 56.4 MB MPEG

The sex action is well done.  The sound clips are a little splicey.  But, I'm assuming that DH does original drawings, but uses loops from the actual show.  Totally worth the download.
2013-07-14 05:53:53
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