Tiger's Brooklyn Tails Enrique Cruz Presents

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Shot in Brooklyn, the hip-hop flavored Tiger's Brooklyn Tails follows 19 year-old Tiger Tyson and his best friend Tony (Malice). In the opening sequence, Tony shows Tiger what his roommate, Eddie (played by Danny Rivera) has been doing with his time. You won't soon forget it; God knows I haven't. I can still play that scene over in my mind from memory. And that's just the opening of the video! This solid and terrific flick features the debut of that heart-pounding, megahung hunk of papi love that is Tiger Tyson. He may be small in stature, but he's big on size where it counts - trust. That child has the piece of life.

His jack-off scene in the gym while spying on his buddies gets me rock hard every time. All hot guys, no bullshit "straight-boy" posing and the sight of Tiger getting it on will have you dripping, oozing and cumming in no time. (The original covershot of Tiger with his arms outstretched is enough to make me scream "wepppaaa!" and move to Brooklyn right away.) Tiger's Brooklyn Tails is a definite keeper... and you might wanna keep a cumrag nearby if you don't wanna ruin the remote.
2013-08-06 21:34:08
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