Bel Ami - Tom Houston & Jeremy Robbins

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Tom & Jeremy, part 1

You can't much more BelAmi than this. Sex for the pure joy of sex, and when you add that the 2 guys are Tom Houston and Jeremy Robbins, it also becomes a joy for all of us as well. Today we have Jeremy (we have to fight the temptation to call him Jerry here) fucking Tom, but as this is a 2 day special we have Tom fucking Jeremy to look forward to on Saturday. It is very rare that we have a model that is purely a top or a bottom, but most of them do have a preference for one role or the other, with this pair though we have 2 guys who take the same amount of joy from either role. Today is Jeremy pounding away at Tom, but with the anticipation of having the favour returned very soon.


Rel.: March 17, 2022
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Tom & Jeremy, part 2

We're rejoining our pair of horny lovers the morning after their first encounter where we had Jeremy giving Tom's ass a good going over, and today they are going to swap places and beautiful Tom is going to get to top Jeremy. Of course there is a lot more to sex than just fucking, so we also get to join them on this adventure of exploration. The teasing and flirting that leads up to the main course is an important element of of the action, but of course the main attraction is seeing Tom have his way with Jeremy, feeding off his partners pleasure and enjoying every moment of this fling.


Rel.: March 19, 2022
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