My Sweet Devil - Pandora

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So, following the story of Toshi and Tomoya in a relationship (you know, in Incest Mania and I Love you Best in the World), this one seems to pick up with them living together, still a sweet, happy couple (maybe). The beginning seems to show Tomoya coming home late so Toshi's there by himself with their cooling food, but then they eat and have sex. Then Tomoya goes out and gets drunk, leaving Toshi to come get him, while Eiji fantasizes and jerks-off to the thought of having sex with Tomoya. But that's the only part he has in the film. And at a later time, Tomoya and Toshi go out to have fun, and then there's one more sex scene.

As usual, the two were adorable beyond belief, but I found that that was pretty much it. It was just adorable sex. I don't know... in the other ones, they seemed to be really hot on each other, but this one seems cuddly and cute compared to sexy and hot. It was still amazing, but it just wasn't what I was expecting. The Eiji scene though, was definitely that. I swear that boy becomes more and more slutty with each scene he does. I was actually fanning myself as I watched him and Tomoya together (and my room is freezing), and I have to admit it was my favorite scene of the film.

Product Release Date: 2012/04/18
Form: DVD
Collecting time: 175 minutes
Collecting time: 175 minutes
grades : KO COMPANY
Manufacturer: KO COMPANY
Category: PANDORA

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