AdultTime - Greedy Creampies Lifegaurd Duty - AJ Sloan, Alpha Wolfe & Devin Trez

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“AJ Sloan and his loving husband, Alpha Wolfe, are getting ready to throw a very important backyard pool party. In order to make sure that all their guests are having fun and staying safe, they plan to have a lifeguard present. They’ve found one through a referral and are now waiting patiently for him to arrive for a consultation. When Devin Trez finally shows up, the sun highlighting his impressive physique, the husbands quickly forget all about the party…

Wanting to get closer to Devin, the husbands make up a lie about needing to learn CPR themselves for the party. Devin is more than happy to show them, getting the husbands to lie side-by-side on a couple of lounge chairs. He starts with Alpha, placing his strong hands against Alpha’s abdomen and going through the motions. But when it comes to the mouth-to-mouth, the air is sucked out of Alpha’s lungs because of how amazing a kisser Devin is. Once Devin moves on to do the same to AJ, Alpha can only stare at them, his jaw dropped.

After both getting a taste of Devin, the cheeky husbands start coming onto Devin more, inviting him to have a little off-duty fun. Luckily for them, Devin is all for taking a break.

AJ and Alpha can’t get enough of Devin. They share sloppy kisses and double blowjobs, eager for anything and everything. But what the greedy husbands REALLY want is cum — ALL the cum. It’s Alpha’s lucky day as AJ eventually creampies him and then generously lets him be the one to take Devin’s load as well.
2023-05-21 22:49:42
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