Just a Few Licks

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Steve is always so horny he's fun to tease.  This time I had him

tied to the bed and licked and sucked his fat, daddy balls and thick

hard cock for so long he was desperate to cum, just on the edge for

so long, begging for permission.  I wanted to build up a really big

load, enjoying having this young dad to torment for as long as I

wanted.  He was so close that I finally made him cum with a few,

gentle licks to the underside of his shaft near the head, and he

popped his load into the air in an intense orgasm.  Then, while I

was sucking his cock clean, he started to shudder, warning me he

was about to cum again, and shot another load in my mouth and

ontohis stomach.  Two cum shots in rapid succession from this

young, sexy straight guy.

2017-10-22 11:51:53
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