Vidco - Heavy Equipment (1977)

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Heavy Equipment was one of our most requested pre-condom titles of all time, and now it finally returns. Something Weird Video had the rights to it for some time, and did circulate a few VHS tape copies complete with 3-D glasses which were used in several scenes. Well, the 3-D gimmick is gone, but the film has been restored and looks probably the best it ever has. There's not the wall-to-wall sex as you would think there would be, but the scenes that are here range from hot to maddeningly frustrating. Personal fave: the circle jerk towards the end that goes on seemingly forever, ending in a massive load from Mr. Parker. (He even laughs as if to say "Thank God I got that one out!")

Some of the stuff that goes on in this flick can only be described as "devised by a drug-induced director" - I mean, how else to explain the surreal disembodied dick that floats about while one of the cast jerks off thinking about it?

In "other news," there's a tepid glory hole scene with the Christy Twins in a public bathroom, and an okay lockerroom sequence that didn't do much for me, but the crew I watched this with were totally into. I guess I should have done the bumps and poppers that were offered before we pushed "play," but most of this flick bored me. The film's very grainy, and the narrative borders on the simple-minded. But it's from a time that no longer exists, and should be seen regardless.

A time capsule memory piece to be sure, and if mustaches, blue-collar dudes, and no rubber sex get you off, Heavy Equipment a must. Just have those poppers handy.

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