Brent Ray Fraser Collection

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Along the way Fraser perfected his natural style of painting and began performing live art at corporate events for hundreds of guests. At these functions, Fraser painted in a suit that would eventually be covered in paint. Also known for his wild theatrics, he would often perform as various characters such as Mr Deer, Officer Hardonski or several other humorous personae.
2010 started off with a BANG when BRF created an arsenal of photo-realistic paintings depicting guns with floral ammunition. In January 2013 these peaceful, yet controversial artworks would later travel across the border to hopefully counteract gun violence in the United States. This international art exhibition entitled The Gun Show, was held at the Mind Unwind Gallery in Seattle, WA.

From 2006 to 2012 BRF progressed in the erotic industry to became the most sought after male exotic dancer in BC. His unique and artistic style of stripping inspired him to create massive works of art with his erect penis. His notoriety expanded along with his fans.

In 2012 BRF took his practice to a new level by performing live guerrilla art in unauthorized public locations in Vancouver and around the world.

Enjoy loads of videos of his explicit performances.

All files are in mp4 format

A-Country-Boys-Foot-Fetish - 41MB
Another-Anal-Art-Adventure - 68MB
Apple-Penis-Pie - 168MB
Barack-Obama-Beatoff - 64MB
Between-The-Sheets - 100MB
Brent-Buck-Fuck-Part-One - 64MB
Brent-Buck-Fuck-Part-Two - 65MB
Cum-Jack-Jock-Strap - 63MB
Cum-Shower-With-Me - 33MB
Electric-Chair-Cum-Charge - 58MB
Hardonski-Fantasy - 171MB
Jizzus-Christ - 85MB
Latex-Lube - 96MB
Lichtenstein-Whaam-Cum - 166MB
Mao-Muscle-Flex - 56MB
Mickey-Mouse-Anal-Clean - 35MB
Mile-High-Chub - 33MB
Mr-Deer-Mountain-Spunk - 96MB
The-Cum-Thief-2 - 99MB
The-Cum-Thief-3 - 89MB
The-Wood-Chopper - 80MB
Warhol-Cum-Revolver - 84MB
Warhol-Skull-Fuck - 177MB

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