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Original upload: 2014-01-25 |
Benedetto - Bartender:

Benedetto is a tall masculine Italian stud who gets off on spontaneous horny sexual experiences. He’s stubbornly heterosexual and won’t consider doing anything with a man even for money. I enjoy putting him on the spot and making him feel uncomfortable for flat out refusing any work with a man. For once this cocky straight guy is going to feel like his sexuality is a hindrance. It created a tense air in the room as I intimately examined his cock and arsehole.

For all Benedetto’s descriptions of what he’s into and not into what it boils down to is that this horny big lug wants to get off wherever and whenever possible. He thinks it’s self evident that he wouldn’t do anything sexual with other men, but when put on the spot he can’t explain why he’d be so limited in refusing a good blow job or anal pleasure from a man as well.

It’s charming how Benedetto wanted to hide behind the curtain to strip naked – as if I wasn’t about to see him totally in the nude in a moment anyway. After our discussion about his limits I don’t think he completely trusted me. Either he’s very slow or he’s reluctant to show me everything I want to see because I have to bark orders at him to get him to obey my direction.

It’s nerve wracking for this adamantly hetero guy to pleasure himself while another man is watching him. The pressure is on and if he wants a chance of getting any work at all he knows he has to rise to the challenge. I circle around him with the camera to see if he can handle being so closely observed and he still manages to shoot a big load.

Brian - Cleaner:

Straight rugger Brian is a self described horny devil with a fit hard body and a horny dirty smile. It’s sexy listening him list off his sexual adventures and the pride he takes in sticking his really large cock in anywhere he can. Being a fierce rugby player his body is in fantastic shape. He’s never shown off his arse before so gets a full lesson in how to spread his cheeks to give a full shot of his tight arsehole.

Brian is a friendly easy-going guy who can be very easily talked into sexual things which don’t initially turn him on. Being such a sexually adventurous person means he’s willing to give almost anything a go as long as he can get his rocks off. Talking to him was like having a casual chat with a guy in the locker room as he brags shamelessly about his sexual conquests.

When Brian first gets stark naked he instantly makes a kind of thuggish stance. It’s not clear whether he naturally stands like this or if he’s adopting some kind of self conscious modelling pose but with his muscular hard body and thick cock on show it’s quite horny. He has a big powerful arse which he was initially very protective of but it didn’t take him long to talk him around to getting penetrated.

Extremely proud of his sexual abilities, Brian confidently claims he can cum on demand. His dick quickly becomes very rigid flipping through some dirty magazines and he blows a big creamy load not long after I tell him to shoot.

Chris - Security:

Chris is a tough former rugby player and boxer who is totally straight but can be talked around to working with men for the right price. Broad-shouldered and strong, his thick eyebrows give him that endearing puppy-dog vulnerability when he looks cornered or embarrassed as he does when he presents his cock and parts his arse cheeks for inspection. Chris is the sort of manly brute I always lust after and wish I could get a closer look at.

With straight men it’s a delicate art discussing ass penetration and having sex with other men. I don’t want to push him too far so he gets freaked out and leaves the audition room. But I don’t want to give in to his ridiculous protesting due to some misguided hetero male pride. Chris is easily convinced once he understands that it’s the norm and if he’s at all serious about working he’s going to have to be flexible.

Chris may have laughed at the idea of one day desiring to have his bum played with, but after scrutinizing his arsehole in detail I can tell he would find a lot of pleasure from being penetrated. His thick cock will grow rock hard having his prostate stimulated. Chris looks charmingly baffled exposing himself so completely, but he’s willing to suppress any resistance for the opportunity to star in porn.

Chris steps up to the challenge and proves that he’s not intimidated by my pervily watching and filming him while he gets himself off. All the practice making amateur movies in the heat of the moment was good practice. He works up a big stiff erection and blows a big creamy load.

Damon - Engineer:

Damon is an easy-going straight surfer dude. He lives for travelling around the world in search of new waves to ride and taking odd jobs to get by. Now he’s trying to get into porn for some easy cash. This is the type of fella I’d be secretly eyeing up on the beach while he treads back to the shore in his big loose board shorts. Here he’s totally exposed and eagerly shows off his cock and arse on camera in the hope of getting some work. While hunkering down near his arsehole for a close up I swear I could smell the ocean in that hairy crack of his.

Damon is an affable laid back guy who is instantly at ease even though he’s entered the room of some sleazy stranger who is going to film him naked. He has the right kind of attitude for porn in that if he’s getting paid for it he doesn’t see any reason to turn down work whether it’s something he does in his private life or not. For him sex is as natural as riding waves on his surf board.

There have been plenty of days when Damon has been out on the beach stripping out of his clothes to put on his wet suit before running to the shore to catch the next big wave. So he’s definitely not shy and feels no shame in stripping down to have his dick and arse examined by some stranger. If only all surfer dudes were this open to being sleazily filmed I’d be down on the beaches of Cornwall with my camera every day.

Damon is sexual by nature and has got himself off in the most unerotic work situations when no women are around. However, the pressure of being steadily watched by the unblinking eye of the camera is a challenge that is difficult to surmount. He tips his head back and visualizes the sleaziest things he can while bringing himself to a sudden and very milky climax.

Steponas - Builder:

Hetero Steponas has solid good looks and a strong body-builder’s body. Training hard and working an intensively physical labourer’s job has given him a fantastically powerful build. He would much rather spend all day being admired and fucking while showing off his healthy young body than hauling bricks around all day. But in order to get enough work to do this he needs to learn that this work is about what the director requires rather than his own pleasure. Here he gets his first lesson in showing all of his naked body in the most revealing positions possible.

Steponas is evidently a very driven and determined young man given his intense and dedicated training regime. He’s moved all this way to make his fortune and he finds himself stuck in a dull manual labour job. If only he could get over his macho pride about sexual contact with other men he would have barrels of work, but for now he’s going to be quite limited in the roles open to him.

Steponas expressed some reluctance when he was told he needs to show off his arsehole as well as the rest of his body. He wanted to get all the arse shots over with as quickly as possible so naturally I made him pose in the positions longer than was necessary. It’s important that he can take direction if he wants to be cast in a full porn film. While pulling his arse cheeks apart he wanted reassurance that he would get work to justify to himself posing in such a sluttish way.

Because Steponas has such a massive muscular body his cock and balls naturally look smaller so I was eager to see him sporting a full boner. He finds the experience of wanking off while another man is watching him a challenge – tougher than his daily weight lifting regime at the gym! His dick curves slightly upward and to the left. He looks his most stunning when reclining back exhausted and covered in his own semen.

Torrent contains all three video clips (Interview, Physical, and Wank), in WMV format, from each of the five models in this set, as well as the complete set of photos from each of their actual auditions. 

Videos included in this torrent are as follows:

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Brian - Interview.wmv:  65.38 MB
Brian - Physical.wmv:  105.22 MB
Brian - Wank.wmv:  85.75 MB

Chris - Interview.wmv:  124.28 MB
Chris - Physical.wmv:  100.28 MB
Chris - Wank.wmv:  65.28 MB

Damon - Interview.wmv:  179.69 MB
Damon - Physical.wmv:  154.22 MB
Damon - Wank.wmv:  43.81 MB

Steponas - Interview.wmv:  48.56 MB
Steponas - Physical.wmv:  95.28 MB
Steponas - Wank.wmv:  153.69 MB

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