[Frenesi Filmes] Brazilian Boners - 2005

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Handsome super-hung stud Rocco Brazill returns to grace Fenesi Filmes newest feature! Rocco is featured in the first scene where he tops Diogo Salomao on the bench in the gym showers. Ricardo Montenegro and Lucas Rocha take turns topping Memeguel on a sex-ional couch. It’s a sunny day when Marco Axell tops Elcio Boni in a semi-private area of the public park. Finally Lucas Rocha tops Victor Palhares in a 2-man tub.

(2004, 87 min.)

Country: Brazil

Director: Julio Kadetti

Starring: Rocco Brazill, Diogo Salomao, Ricardo Montenegro, Bruno Meneguel, Lucas Rocha, Marco Axell, Elcio Boni, Victor Palhares

Studio: Frenesi Filmes/Video 10

2011-05-23 21:09:06
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