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Release Date: 2023-02-10
I want to fuck the ass of a straight guy I see in uniform on the street...
This is the 10th volume of "TRAP HOLE," a brand that uses short stories, cosplay, and subjective angles!
This is the 10th release of "TRAP HOLE," a brand that uses short stories, cosplay, and subjective angles!

Iori, Eiki, Kokoro, Ryuma, and Misaki appear!
All of them are main models in this gorgeous edition!

All of the straight models are getting anal sex and getting fucked!

1. SD Iori gets fucked and ejaculated in the mouth!
Iori visits a client to make up for a mistake she made at work! What awaits her is an unexpected sexual reception! Iori is threatened and even gets a blowjob! Iori's dominant sexuality goes out of control even though she doesn't want to! Iori gets a spontaneous erection that she can't hide! Iori says "No," but the simultaneous assault of his ass and cock makes her come instantly! She can't contain her growing arousal and says, "Please thrust harder! Iori gets her ass opened so hard that she comes! She also ejaculates in his mouth and gives him a blowjob to clean up!

Eiki is dug up and ejaculates in her mouth!
A gay man who knows how to take advantage of his partner's mistake and eat a straight guy goes berserk again! He calls Eiki and demands sexual entertainment! Eiki is about to get ejaculated in the mouth, but he refuses! Eiki is asked to choose between a pussy or an ass, and he offers his ass! Eiki says "No...I can't", but his dick gets erect! Eiki's erection is so big that it's hard to escape, and he finally says, "That felt so good..." as he surrenders himself to the pleasures of male copulation! Eiki is so horny that he can't escape it. Eiki comes as he gets fucked! Eiki even accepts oral ejaculation despite her initial refusal!

3. a misunderstanding with the tight race pants! Eiki gets dug in the locker room of the gym!
Kokoro goes to the gym in a pair of revealing shorts! A familiar gym customer mistakenly thinks he's a gay guy who wants to go out with his friends... He resists, but it's too late! He resists, but it's too late! He is so hard that he's about to come out! The mind is filled with the feeling of a gay man's blowjob technique! He is also misunderstood by the gay guy, and he doesn't understand the meaning of "tachi-uke" confirmation, so he takes an ambiguous attitude... He is mistaken for a gay guy and gets dug up by him! His ass is so hard that he can't stop himself from getting it! He even starts begging for more! Kokoro gets fucked in the gym locker room and comes hard!

Job-hunting student Ryuma gets dicked by a senior during a visit to an alumni office!
Tatsuma gets drunk after visiting his alumni for job hunting! Unaware that his ass is being targeted, Tatsuma takes advantage of the alumni's invitation and takes a break at the alumni's house! The OB attacks Tatsuma with a glimpse of recruitment! Tatsuma feels it involuntarily! He even gets a natural erection while being dug! He even gets a spontaneous erection while digging! Please poke me more! Tatsuma comes while being dug! Please cum too! Please cum all over me! Tatsuma gets excited by the male copulation and falls completely!

5. cafe clerk Cape gets dug up by a regular customer!
She was supposed to deliver coffee to a regular customer's house, but she delivers a cock and his ass! Cape is confused when one of his regular customers demands his services! He tries to refuse, but is threatened with a story that he had touched one of his customer's women... Cape is overwhelmed by the sensation of male copulation that he reluctantly accepted! No..." Cape writhes in agony! A regular customer repeatedly pushes Cape to the point of cumming. Cape gets aroused and begins to seek pleasure herself! I'm about to cum...please give me more! Cape comes while begging obscenely!

ショートストーリー&コスプレ&主観アングル多用ブランド「TRAP HOLE」第10弾!!



1. SD伊織がガン掘られ&口内射精!
仕事でのミスを挽回するために顧客の元に訪れた伊織! 待ち受けていたのはまさかの性接待! 脅されてイラマチオまで! 嫌がりながらも、伊織のドMな性癖が暴走! 隠し切れないほど自然勃起する伊織! ダメ、と言いながらもアナルとチンポの同時責めで即イキしそうになる伊織! 高まる興奮を抑えきれず「もっと激しく突いてください!」アナルがパックリ開いてしまうほど激しく突かれ伊織が掘られイキ! 口内射精&お掃除フェラも!

2. ガテン瑛貴がガン掘られ&口内射精!
相手方の仕事のミスを悪用しノンケを喰う術を知ってしまったゲイがまたもや暴走! 瑛貴を呼び出し性接待を要求! 口内射精をされそうになり拒否をする瑛貴! クチかケツを選べと言われケツを差し出す瑛貴! 「ダメです…無理です」と言いながらも掘られ勃起する瑛貴のドスケベチンポ! 言い逃れできないほどの勃起具合に遂に「気持ちよかったっす…」雄交尾の快感に身を委ねる瑛貴! 「もっと激しくして…奥ヤバい!」掘られイキする瑛貴! 最初は拒否していたにも関わらず口内射精までも受け入れる瑛貴!

3. 際どい競パンで勘違い!? 心がジムの更衣室でガン掘られ!
際どい競パンでジムに通う心! 顔なじみのジム客にハッテン目的のゲイだと勘違いされてしまい… 抵抗するも時すでに遅し! 言葉とは裏腹に勃起してしまうチンポ! 「そんなにしたら出そうです!」ゲイのフェラテクに感じまくる心! さらに勘違いゲイの『タチ・ウケ』確認の意味が分からず曖昧な態度をとってしまい… ゲイのウケだと勘違いされガン掘られる心! 予想外のアナルの快感にチンポを固くする心! 「もっと欲しい…」ドスケベおねだりまで始める始末! ジムの更衣室で掘られイキする心!

4. 就活生竜真がOB訪問で先輩にガン掘られ!
就活のOB訪問後にOBにたらふく飲まされてしまった竜真! まさか自分のアナルが狙われているとは知らず、誘いに乗りOBの自宅で一休みする竜真! 採用をチラつかせ竜真に襲い掛かるOB! 不覚にも感じてしまう竜真! 掘られながらノータッチ自然勃起までも! 「先輩! もっと突いてください!」掘られイキする竜真! 「先輩もイってください! ぼくの中でいっぱい出してください!」雄交尾に興奮し完堕ちする竜真!

5. カフェ店員岬が常連客にガン掘られ!
常連客宅にコーヒーをデリバリーするだけのはずが、チンポとアナルまでデリバリー! 常連客にサービスを要求され戸惑う岬! 断ろうとするも客の女に手を出したことをネタに脅されてしまい… 渋々受け入れたはずの雄交尾なのに感じてしまう岬! 「ダメです…」悶える岬! 寸止め責めを繰り返され「そんなにやったらイっちゃいます」感じる岬を焦らす常連客! 興奮し自ら快感を求め始める岬! 「イキそう…もっと突いてください!」淫猥おねだりをしながら岬が掘られイキ!
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