Megatoy collection from xtube

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Megatoy is a slutty little Scot who likes having electro up his cock and having the vids go online.

A collection of his vids from xtube. Also his photo from website as his gorgeous face isn't clear in all the vids.

Seedbonus desperately appreciated :)

Files: electro with megatoy.avi 24954kb
electro with megatoy.flv 12266kb
megatoy, bondage and elctro.avi 13564kb
megatoy, bondage and elctro.flv 4085kb
megatoy, bondage and elctro_SmJ.avi 46mb
megatoy and electro... he just loves the feeling.avi 14.7mb
megatoy and electro... he just loves the feeling.flv 6.04mb
megatoy and more fun.avi 61064kb
megatoy and more fun.flv 15518kb
megatoy.jpg 20kb
electro with megatoy.png 356kb
mmegatoy bondage and electro.png 536kb
megatoy bondage and elctro.png 318kb
megatoy and electro loves the feeling.png 288kb
megatoy and more fun.png 650kb
2013-08-10 16:57:58
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