Huge compilation of hot encounters

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Part 1
• Scene 1 – Horny Roommate gets Caught Jerking Off and learns his Buddy is Curious about trying Cock, starring Blu Kennedy and Danny Bitho.
( From 0:26 – 21:12 )
• Scene 2 – Housemate offers Buddy his Trick to help beat off in shower Anon with Shower curtain, thinking it’s the housemate, starring Alex Girard and Jack Taylor.
( From 21:30 – 28:10 )
• Scene 3 – Football Buddies hangout over drinks and soon get horny watching porn and get off together by having discreet intense sex, starring Brad Star and Chad Hunt.
( From 28:28 – 1:04:13 )
• Scene 4 – Businessman gets an intense rub-down by Hot Gay Masseur and things turn horny when he gets his Cock and Ass Worshipped, starring Corey Cade and Ricardo Correa.
( From 1:04:30 – 1:25:43 )
• Scene 5 – Hung Uncut Student Jerking Off in Toilet Stall Caught Janitor and Punk having Sleazy Gay sex and decides to join in and Get Off, starring Barrett Long, Jett Allen and Owen Hawk.
( From 1:26:01 – 1:54:47 )
• Scene 6 – College Roommate gets Caught Jerking Off to Magazine and his Buddy soon gets Curious and wants to Get Off with him.
They soon get Horny enough to Suck each other’s Dick and Flip-Fuck, starring Chad Leigh and Henrique Santana.
( From 1:55:14 – 2:26:40 )

Part 2
• Scene 1 – Cocksucker organizes a Discreet Hookup with Gay for Pay Escort at the Campus Toilets, starring Matt Summers and Chad Hunt.
( From 0:03 – 10:13 )
• Scene 2 – Dominant Roommate orders Submissive to Worship him and offer up both holes to use deep and hard, starring Tom Chase and Lane Fuller.
( From 10:26 – 26:14 )
• Scene 3 – Two Businessmen de-stress by using each other and having a passionate Flip-Fuck session, starring Jack Bond and Spencer Quest.
( From 26:27 – 50:28 )
• Scene 4 – Gay Roommate buys Candy to get as a gift to give Neighbour he wants to hookup with, and a Twink enters store wanting something else to suck on.
Shop Clerk guides him to the back and gives him something to work on, starring Joshua Sterling and Tony Cummings.
( From 50:41 – 1:00:41 )
• Scene 5 – Two Muscular Electricians come by to a Gay man’s apartment for a repair and he gets too distracted by their bulge.
The men notice and decide to let the Cocksucker Service them after a long day’s work. Things soon get very horny and they all have a hot Versatile session, starring Manuel Torres, Wilson Vasquez and Ryann Wood.
( From 1:01:08 – 1:28:02 )
• Scene 6 – Admirer finally gets his wanted reward by Neighbour after following Roommate’s instructions, making the Admirer think it’s just another Trick to service at the Shower curtain, starring Alex Girard and Eric Stone.
( From 1:28:16 – 1:40:43 )
• Scene 7 – After discovering used condoms, the Motel Security installs a Spy camera in the Men’s Restroom to see for any inappropriate action..
Turns out Security is a Pervert and wants in on the action, and a Horny guy Jerking Off in Toilets cruising knows he’s watched and is a exhibitionist.
Both Jerk Off privately, one being the Pervy Voyeur and other the Horny Exhibitionist until Climax, starring John Davenport and Jason Lowe.
( From 1:41:09 – 1:52:56 )
• Scene 8 – Hot Sensual session between Married Man and Gay Escort, starring Michael Lucas and Milan Gamiani.
( From 1:53:23 – 2:28:31 )
• Scene 9 – Buddies share a Hotel room and things get Hot and Heavy once both are Horned up after a long day and Workout, starring Jeff Quinn and Rocky Armano.
( From 2:28:44 – 2:42:58 )
• Scene 10 – Nephew stays over at Uncle’s after a night out.
After being Caught watching Porn, they both work up to getting some Relief and Fuck on the couch, starring Adam Young and Wilson Vasquez.
( From 2:43:11 – 3:07:12 )
• Scene 11 – Hungry Slut cruises the Adult Bookstore and gets lucky this night.
He receives two Huge Cocks through the Gloryhole gets his both holes Stuffed, starring Sal, Chad Hunt and Ben Andrews.
( From 3:07:25 – 3:39:53 )
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