William Higgins - Andrej Lamos (aka Enrique Vera from Bel Ami) EROTIC SOLO 4k

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aka Enrique Vera from Bel Ami

Release date: May 14, 2015
Includes video capture photos. William Higgins calls it 4k, but it's actually 2k. Still better than 1080p.

Andrej Lamos is one very handsome straight guy aged 22.He lives in Dobris and is currently unemployed. In his spare time Andrej sports, fitness and football. In a very enlightening interview Andrej tells us that he would never, ever have sex with another guy, so there is a challenge that we must try to take up. After his interview he stands and starts to strip off, showing off a beautiful body that matches his handsome face. When he is naked, apart from his underwear, we see a lovely big bulge, which Andrej is quick to start feeling. He also rubs his hands over his hot chest. Pushing the underwear down he shows off his beautiful cock and balls, and then turns around to give a great view of his hot ass. His hands grab the ass cheeks, pulling them apart enough to show his tight hole too. Then he turns to the side and starts wanking on his cock. As his cock begins to swell Andrej grabs his balls as well and then drops the underwear to the floor so that he is fully naked. He wanks his cock, getting it nice and hard as the other hand runs over his sexy body. He sits ont he sofa, leaning back with his legs spread wide, to wank that hot cock, with his big balls getting tighter. Then Andrej lifts his legs in the air to show off his hot ass. His cheeks are spread wide to show off his hole as his hands rub over the cheeks. Turning over, onto his knees his big balls hang down as that sexy ass is on show again. Andrej's hands rub that ass and over the balls, pulling the cheeks wider apart to stretch the hole. He then stands up and starts wanking his cock again, this time until he shoots his hot cum all over the floor. He milks the cock dry, shaking the last drops of cum off it. Then it is off to the shower to clean up after a lovely video.
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