Bar None (1998) All Worlds C1R DVD

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DVD (folder) and mp4

director Chi Chi LaRue

Brett Ford
Bryan Williams
Daryl Brock
James West
Mitchell Stevens
Sam Dixon
Tommy Cruise

Where business is done. . .and the men are, too. Where business is slow. . .and the guys are fast (and always horny!) Shot on location at "The Bullet Bar". Another stunner from that nasty tranny goddess of directing, Chi Chi LaRue. Lots of real looking, butch hairy dudes in no-nonsense, non-twink infested sex scenarios.
There is no bar quite like this one!

1. Daryl Brock, Tommy Cruise, James West

2. Brian Williams, Sam Dixon, Mitchell Stevens, Brett Ford

3. Mitchell Stevens, James West

4. Daryl Brock, Bryan Williams
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