Mandy Mitchell & Johnny Rocket

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You feel yourself getting sleepy. Your body is exhausted. It's time to lay down, close your eyes and dream. It feels like your head has only been on the pillow for a few moments when you are roused from your slumber by the sensation of a huge cock sliding down your throat. Your eyes glance around wildly and finally see that the owner of the cock is a beautiful TS standing over you. Your first reaction is to jerk away, but it's almost instantly replaced by a different feeling...a feeling of arousal and desire. You realize that you like it -- no, LOVE it! You can't get enough with just her cock in your mouth so you bend over and beg for it in your tight little virgin anal pucker. The sensation of her fucking you in the ass is so overwhelmingly good you can feel the pleasure in ever fiber of your being. Nothing has ever been better than being a TS's anal slut. She continues to screw you into oblivion. You wake up later on to the count of three...for some reason you feel really good, better than you ever have...but you can't quite pinpoint the reason why....
2013-08-15 22:08:48
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