Str8 19yo Thick Dick Jock haz His Price

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This dude here iz hott az hell 2 me. He'z natrually masculine, smooth solid body, and a big azz thick dick. He sayz he aiint gay n, I believe em, but then again u gotta get it how u live, @ least dats wat he said. So We introduce em 2 supa Head jr, Once Supa Head gets ahold of that ham, dude almost nuts in a couple of minutes, lmao. so we took a lil break, n supa head went back to work on dat dick, n wasnt long b4 dude felt tha nut on its way n said," I'm finna nut " then all u see is that big juicy dick jumpin like a heartbeat, while dudes eyez roll a lil wit enjoyment. iz hott. Supa Head keeps suckin the dick until tha last drop of nut is out that pipe. Now dats how u suck a dick, U aint gotta swallow, but @ least catch it. yall enjoy.
2023-02-15 07:03:58
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