Helix - Feisty Flip Fuck - Sebastian Cruz & Silas Brooks

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Helix - Feisty Flip Fuck - Sebastian Cruz & Silas Brooks.mp4

    Release date: 1st July 2023

    Swarthy, Sebastian Cruz, and sexy, Silas Brooks bring the heat in this blazing hot, bad boy- bone fest! With tongues tangled, the pretty pair grapple with zippers, and drawstrings, the only thing holding back their thick, throbbing, girthy groins. Cruz sniffs around Silas' protruding package, then pantses the pretty boy, and engulfs that colossal cock with his thirsty throat. Brooks brings the dude down on that D hard, with huge, horned up hands at the back of Sebastian's pretty little head.

    Well sucked, but starving for some cock, Silas maneuvers the lusty Latin to the bed, and goes ham on that huge hog. After a meaty meal, Silas throws Sebastian's legs up, and eats that perfectly smooth pucker like a pro. Cruz moans like a whore in heat, as Brooks breaks into his beautiful back door with his tongue, and wandering thumb, tickling the boy's hot spot with perfect precision. Once he knows Cruz can't take it any longer, Silas smashes deep inside that sexed up seat with his thick slab.

    After banging the raven haired hottie out on his back, Cruz gets dicked doggie. Sebastian's schlong is too good to not take a spin on. So, Brooks hops on, and takes the beefy beast for a rightious, raw, rough ride. Our boy bucks like a wild animal, as Cruz crams his hips, and hog up hard, till Silas spits spunk from that epic, thick dick of his. With a tight twink torso slick with fresh fuck juice, Sebastian puts the porn pedal to the metal, mashing his massive meat up inside Silas till he absolutely explodes! He twitches, and trembles with pleasure, still convulsing as he pulls his spew slick dick from Brooks' beautiful booty, and kisses him with a sultry, satisfied, lip smack symphony.

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    27:48 minutes

2023-07-04 14:23:01
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