♺ Military Classified - Bonno #3 - Ex Navy - Anal

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Original upload: 2014-11-15 |
Content synopsis
This is the 3rd installment in the seduction of BONNO! Today Bonno is back and this time he's here with a vengeance! In his last episode (movie #2) he attempted anal but because it was so new to him, he couldn't quite complete the job. Fast forward to today and now BONNO is here to take Rob on the 8 inch uncut ride of his life and Bonno shows us all how to redeem himself like a former Seabee! This is how it all went down....
Bonno didn't have transportation so he took the AMTRAK down to my area and I picked him up at the train station and before long we were back at my studios filling ou paperwork and talking about the scene. Bonno seemed quiet and very nervous today and I can understand why. He is under pressure from Rob to complete this scene properly because of what happened last time.
Once we got underway, Bonno began to relax a little and before long he was butt naked on my bench in front of my bed and I knelt down in front of him and I began my work. Bonno took no time in getting his cock rock hard within minutes and Rob was having a hay day trying to choke of Bonno's cock. Well, before long, I had lubed up Bonno's cock and was ready to have the missile launch deep inside.
Bonno was completely under pressure but from the gate, he shinned like a star as Rob frustrated him little by little, sitting deeper and deeper, on his fat 8 in uncut cock. Before long Rob was bouncing up and down riding Bonno's cock until he began to get nervous and gave me a warning that he was getting close. We must have fucked in many different positions before I finally had to dismount that animal because he was going to split me in two before he blows his load in my ass and besides he was RAW today!
In the end Rob had to suck the nut out of this straight boy managing to frustrate him to the same level of horny frustration Rob put him through while he was fucking Rob. I was having so much fun sucking this boy towards the end because without even a word spoken, I knew Bonno was about to cum because his body began to go into convulsions, his muscles tightened, pointed toes, eyes in the back of his head and shaking... he came all over the place and all at my hand and mouth! Mission Accomplished!

Cast: Rob Navarro, Bonno
Director: Rob Navarro
Studio: Military Classified
Release Date: 2014-11-14
Runtime: 00:15:01
Definition: 720p, 1280x720
Format: .mp4

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