Disco Dick NYC mini-collection

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Vers dom twunk Liam is a massive ride. Here he is with Marty, Trevor, Michael, Paul and Ryan.

The skull-fucking he gives Ryan is amazing. The head he gives Paul, watch Paul's reaction at the end, his mind is blown. Liam is very much into feet, you'll see it in the Trevor and Ryan videos.

There are caps in the torrent and the gallery above.  If you are worried about data usage or ratio, download or look at the caps and only take what interests you. All videos are labeled with a description and length.

I will be seeding 24/7, please be patient.  Please seed for as long as possible once you have the file(s), do your part to help.

Update: I made a mostly full collection here - https://www.gaytor.rent/details.php?id=3b481b67793ad3a3b2a864d70aa12cecfb7008cd5864cd9b
2023-07-07 05:19:44
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