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Original upload: 2013-07-31 |
Officer Spot of the Gateway City Police force is restless and wrestling with the ghosts of his past. He can’t forgive himself for the sins of days gone by, and this has led to him backing away from Wilson, his closest friend and fellow cop. Naturally his best friend does what he can to reach Spot, but nothing works.

Spot knows that other Ani-Males escaped the destruction of the lab where they were created all those years ago, and he wants very badly to find them. His search takes him to Furry conventions and events. Unbeknownst to Spot, he is being HUNTED. There is another man in Gateway City searching for Ani-Males... and he has his eye on Spot. He’ll stop at nothing to capture him. 

Meanwhile, we meet Harry, a rabbit man literally on the run for his life, hunted by the very maniac who also targets Spot. And when Harry is caught, he and his cellmate, a young monkey-dude named Wisti are fucked nearly to the brink by their horny captors -- a prelude to the fate that awaits them the following morning.

The Gateway City crime world is run by a very dangerous, very connected man, and this Crime Hog always gets what he wants. Right now, he wants Spot and as many Ani-Males as he can get his hands on and his cock into.

ANI-MALES #1 is written by Patrick Fillion, and superbly illustrated by Eric Mars, a self-confessed Furry Enthusiast, and each beautifully scorching panel explodes with raw sexuality and animal magnetism. Brilliantly colored by Hernán Cabrera, this comic is a triumph. All outer and interior covers are drawn by Patrick Fillion!
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