Julian Quintana, Junior Garcia & Paulo Contreras from Colombia Manfuckers Sc 7

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Very hot ménage à trois from Colombia Manfuckers Sc 7
Julian Quintana,  Junior Garcia & Paulo Contreras

JUNIOR GARCIA & PAULO CONTRERAS sit side by side making out as JULIAN QUINTANA sucks their cocks. Julian's pants are down under his ass so his friends can see his hole is available. Junior gets his cock in first, getting Julian down on the floor and sucking on Paulo's cock while he fucks. Paulo comes up behind the 2 guys fucking, and sticks his dick in the TOP's ass as Junior begs him to shove it in. Junior twerks on Paulo's cock which also makes his own dick fuck in and out of Julian's hole in this sweet 3-way fuck. In a surprise move, Paolo gets Junior on his back and while fucking him, JULIAN steps up behind him and starts to fuck Paolo! One final trio finds Paolo impaled by Julian and Julian getting fucked by Junior. It is great fun seeing Julian breed Paolo, which makes Paulo shoot and then in turn, Julian taking Paolo's big cumload.

2022-11-21 15:46:37
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