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Country Boys 1
... as the title of the newest Fightplace production indicates, four Boys are spending a sunny and hot day on a farm. Basti and Chesko have a problem with their moto cross machine and have no idea how to fix it. Luckily Samy and Danny are also on the farm and are good mechanics. They should be able to help them with their problem. For Samy and Danny it is only a small task and the machine runs again. However, for their assistance they require Basti and Chesko to pay 20 Euros. They do not agree with the exorbitant price, they argue and Chesko suggests a fight to decide the price. Quickly a tarpaulin is spread out on the grass and the small tournament begins. Danny and Basti go for it violently right at the outset. Also Chesko and Samy are aroused for a good fight. For friends of Schoolboypins, Wedgies and Gutpunching it will certainly be a pleasure to watch. Chesko must suffer from Gutpunching attacks, because at short notice his friend Basti makes a getaway after a phone call on his mobile phone. Danny and Samy use this opportunity shamelessly. They tie up the abandoned Chesko to a tree where his abdominal muscles are strongly worked over by both boys. Then Samy and Danny get themselves involved in the situation, because Samy does not want to divide the money he found with Chesko. However, after short struggle on the meadow this is solved and they leave the farm. Chesko, still tied to the tree, is released by Basti who returns after a while. However, Chesko is really mad at him because Basti had left him alone to take the punishment. They fight and struggle until one of them surrenders.

Play length approx. 58 minutes.
2011-04-26 18:07:34
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