NextDoorSTUDIOS: Dante Colle, Elliot Finn, Mark Long

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Performers: Dante Colle, Elliot Finn, Mark Long
Release Year: 2019
Synopsis: Here on the Buckin’ Bronco Farm, the guys work hard and play a little harder. Some shenanigans are always expected but it’s a delicate situation when the boss is around. So, when he heads into town, Elliott Finn takes the opportunity to steal some time with Dante in the stable.

Dante Colle doesn’t want to get caught by the bossman, but he doesn’t mind when he catches fellow ranch hand Mark Long watching them from one of the stalls. He motions Mark over as Elliott sucks him off, and Mark slides his rock hard dick against the side of Elliott’s ass.

Elliott Finn turns and discovers Mark Long standing behind him. He looks up Dante Colle looking on approvingly, and smiles, falling back onto Dante’s dick as Mark continues to rub himself against his hole. They turn him around as Dante slides his bareback cock deep into Elliott’s hole.

Elliott Finn sucks Mark Long off down to the base. However, Mark is looking to bury his cock in something a little more warm. He flips Elliott around and plunges his 8′ cock all the way into Elliott as Dante Colle looks on with hunger. He watches Mark fuck his beau and then decides he wants to take a turn. Dante Colle mounts Mark and giving him a cowboy ride worthy of the farm’s namesake. It’s just too bad for Mark Long he’s not the only who was watching…

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