Way Down (mp4)

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Way Down

Running time: 116 min.

Another twisted hack job from the experimental series of films. Not for the faint of heart!

The team who brought you "BONKING BERLIN BASTARDS" is back with a provocative experimental porn film that defies classification. In a spectacle that is somewhere between performance art and existential statement, 24 fucked up bastards make a journey to their own personal hell. A sperm-flooded perverse nightmare of fisting, latex and pissing, and mud fucking.

Besim Berischa, Fluffy, George, Hans Blond, Jack Turner, Jan Losch, Jann Pruitt Homme, Jiri Ceiver, Joey Jo, Josh Ford, Kurtwood Feuer, Marek Berlin, Marko Isak, Miguelus, No Adonis, Phil Deep, Pierre Lind, Piet Norden, Pit Worker, Rainer, Ralf Liebe, Shawn, Stoepsel, Sven Marx, der lustige Herr Vogt

2013-07-13 14:37:54
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