Movie and TV Nude and Gay Scenes Part 19

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Part 19 of a random selection of clips of various scenes from movies and tv shows that have either male nudity, shirtless men, gay and / or straight sex scenes or male bondage in them, some of them do contain scenes of violence so be warned.
Most of the files in this part contain scenes from Spartacus Gods Of The Arena. and Elite.
(Since there were so many Spartacus and Elite files i have been seperated into two folders, one containing all the nude, sex and kissing scenes, and the other contiaining only shirtless scenes encase you weren't interested in those.)

Clips include scenes from:
Elite Series 1-3
Spartacus Gods Of The Arena
Dark Mountain
Flatbush Luck
Forgive and Forget
Here Comes Your Man
India Blues Eight Feelings
Nina Forver
Richard & Gilbert
Scared Topless
The Black Bear
The Ungovernable Force
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