Big Men on Campus (avi)

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1. The House
Duff Paxton OrgAtMgRg, Eric Clement OgrAbMrRr
A frat brother, Duff Paxton, orders pledge Eric Clement to strip. They suck each other and the pledge gets rimmed and fucked missionary and doggie before Paxton pulls out his cum spewing dick and then shoves it back in. Paxton politely jerks the cum out of Clement.
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2. Stag Party
Shaun Victors OgrAb, Jim Bataglia OgrAt, J.W. King nonsex
The storyline really gets moving as we find out that straight & gay porn star R.J. Reynolds is completely horny for his allegedly straight frat brother J.W. King. At the frat's stag party night, the frat brothers are watching straight porn together, but R.J. flips expectations when he slips in a gay porn loop. Inspired by the gay porn loop, frat brothers Jim Bataglia and Shaun Victors slip away to have sex in their bedroom. J.W. sneaks upstairs and peeks at them from the door, while R.J. peeks at J.W. from the stairs.

2.1. Kurt Williams (jg), Tim O'Brien (beard)
Brunette with tattoo fucks face of brunet with beard. Tattoo fucks beard missionary style, finger fucks him and then face fucks him. They end with a 69.
This scene was used almost entirely as the film being shown at a stag party in Big Men on Campus.
see also Straight
found in compilation Choice Cuts

4. Your Cock Knows What It Likes
J.W. King Org, R.J. Reynolds (white) Org
Sean is drugged, stripped and blackmailed by Mark. They suck each other and Mark cums on J.W.'s open lips. Intercut with scene 3.

5. Saturday Night Orgy
R.J. Reynolds (white) OgrAt, J.W. King Og, Duff Paxton OrAtbRg, Mike Mann (70s) Og
Mark, Sean and two other guys are studying and watching some straight porn. Mark switches in some gay porn and the four get into their own orgy action.
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