G@MES – GAMS776 – 超のぞき第9弾 〜想い出エピソード(8)〜

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To be released on January 20, 2023
Running time: 235 min.

Part 8 of the "Memorable Episodes" series, which recreates the real-life experiences of straight guys, is now available on the video distribution site "MEGA HUNKCHANNEL"!

This time, 8 anecdotes are included, such as the story of Takahiro, a very popular macho guy, who cuckolded his friend's girlfriend, and Rikuto, a handsome football player, who had sex with a lascivious hotel guest at his part-time job as a security guard!

Enjoy the realistic and highly erotic sexual experiences of straight guys on the big screen!

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All purchasers will receive a set of 2 live photos of one model of their choice!
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You can earn double the usual G-points that can be used at GAMES internet sales and MEGA HUNK CHANNEL!

Included in the package

Super S-class model! The handsome bearded handball macho big dick Reo is 24 years old! He has the fastest erection of a big dick! He is shooting with her for sex practice, but he gets a real erection and then he starts fucking her big dick with a bazooka! Raw sex!

He is a fresh and super handsome guy from 2025! He is 21 years old and has a beautiful big dick with sharp and lean muscles trained by swimming! He confesses his delicious and pleasant part-time job experience as a hotel worker! His big dick gets super erect at the customer's request!

Ryusei, 19 years old, is a very cute, dark-skinned, muscular martial arts college student! His brother's girlfriend cuckolds him, but he can't help but get excited by the pleasure of a raw pussy! He is going to piston hard! She is a perfect girl with a very convex pectoral muscles!

Takahiro, 26 years old, is a perfect handsome macho man with very convex pectoral muscles! He fucks his friend's M-girlfriend with his super muscles and huge dick! Raw sex!

Naoya, 22 years old, is a thick muscular hottie with a super hard mega cock! He eats his idol with his big dick and intense pistons!

Tall, thin, macho, bushy, handsome Takumi, 23 years old! He attacks his neighbor with his muscles and super hard erection cock! Raw sex!

Super hot muscle model Rikuto is 26 years old! He gets fucked by a customer while he is working as a security guard! He's going to shoot his cum in the air! Raw sex!

Powerlifting macho Yuu (Masaru) is 22 years old! He fucks his sister with his dick while she's massaging him! He shoots a lot of cum! She is a real cumshot!


動画配信サイト「MEGA HUNKCHANNEL」にて好評配信中の「超のぞき」から、ノンケ達の実体験を再現した「想い出エピソード」シリーズpart.8が発売!!






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