DirtyTony - Alex Lebue Gets Dirty

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Alex Lebue is a hot beefy stud of a guy, with thick thighs, big arms and strong hands. He puts those hands to good use for his clients, kneading sore muscles and working over stiff joints. His clients all rave about him, so I decided it was time to give his deep tissue services a try. Alex started off in my neck, which definitely needed a good work over. His muscular hairy body above me on the bed was getting me turned on, so I suggested we both get stripped down so we could be more comfortable (evil grin). He straddled me and started working the full length of my back and around my shoulders. Then down my legs, and hard into my ass cheeks. Then he switched to a soft touch and let his fingers glide over my naked body. I flipped over, and let his fingers explore. The closer he got to my cock, the harder it got. He noticed, and started softly stroking my swelling cock. Pretty soon I was rock hard, and he was too. Both our rods were pulsing as he started milking mine. Then he laid back and let me start working his over. With a couple mouth fulls of spit, we started jerking each other off (man, his grip felt good). I let my spare hand drift down below his nut sack to see how he responded. His back arched a bit, and I could tell he was ready for me to give his ass some attention. But before I could go down on him, he had his lips wrapped around my cock. It took a bit, but slowly his throat opened up to let my thick cock in. Then he straddled my face and let me tongue fuck him while he throated down on my cock some more. Very hot! Then I flipped him over on his back and we started stroking each other off some more. I could tell by how his body was tensing up that he was edging closer, and I was not far behind. I moved up by his face so I could blow my wad all over him. Right then, he started gushing streams of hot white cum all over, and that was all the encouragement I needed to let loose. In a few moments, he was covered in a thick glaze of cum up and down his abs and chest. He looked hot as he started to drift off into a relaxed sleep.

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