Czech Hunter 697 (720p)

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I was getting hungry but Lukas was still on the way to my flat. I decided to risk it and order some chicken hoping he would get there by then. Well, I was also a bit horny so I prepared a large banknote just in case the courier was cute. This trick worked before so why not try it again? The delivery guy was quite handsome and luckily didn't have change. The guy was only 19 years old so 5 000 Crowns was a lot of money for him. When I told him to keep it all in exchange for taking his clothes off, he didn't hesitate. I laid him down on my bed and admired his naked body. To be honest, Michal was quite open-minded and knew how to enjoy himself. Not to mention he earned his monthly salary in one hour. Too bad Lukas didn't make it in time. When he saw the video, he was so pissed off.
2023-07-08 11:11:41
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