[BoundMuscleJocks] The Interrogation 3 Parts 1-10

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Actors:Derek Pain , Tyler Saint , Dire Callahan , Mulengro , Ricky Sinz

Part 1

Master Ricky takes over the punishment for poor Derek. With the captive roped down on the edge of the table his cock is clamped with a heavy weight, his balls tugged and twisted and his back and ass slapped and smacked with every painful implement Master Ricky can find! Hooded Derek can only cry out in pain as his flesh is tenderized by the sadistic captor.

Part 2

Prisoner Tyler endured so much with Interrogator Mulengro, but now the man has an assistant and Ricky might turn out to be even more sadistic. The two make their captive perform for him, with urged pushups, wall sitting and stress positions. He's a big man but that makes it harder for him to maintain his stamina when pushed to the limit!

Part 3

The two prisoners meet. Derek is strung up with a bucket tied to his balls as Tyler is made to watch while more weight is added. The captives know they're in trouble but they have to maintain their stubborn secrecy while interrogators Mulengro and Ricky inflict their worst punishments. Tyler knows the same torment might await him, but can he keep his secrets throughout?

Part 4

Pitting the torture of one against the other, the interrogators delight in shocking and taunting the two prisoners. Derek's cock and balls are aching with the weight of the bucket but it gets worse when Ricky gets his cock out and adds to it with a stream of hot piss! Tyler is made to step up, his big dick released from his camo pants, his piss soon splashing out to add to the weight tugging on his fellow captive's nuts!

Part 5

Three electro units are enough to break anyone, but it seems soldier Derek is still refusing to give the interrogators any information. His fellow prisoner Tyler is made to participate with the high-powered shocking of Derek's uncut cock and balls but he refuses. It seems there's nothing that could break these two military men,

Part 6

The torturers turn their attention back to POW Tyler. They twist the thumbscrews, and then stick sharpened matches under the fingernails, and light them! Still the muscled soldier is determined not to break. It seems these troops were trained well, they've endured so much punishment from their interrogators but how long can it last?

Part 7

The interrogators are getting frustrated, nothing they try seems to be working against muscled captive Tyler, the big man just won't break and give them the answers they need! Mulengro picks up the needle-nose pliers and goes to town, twisting and pinching all the sensitive areas, working the big man's nipples until Mulengro chokes him out!

Part 8

Straight guys fear the most is having their sexy sex. Tyler, a prisoner, is about to face his worst fears! He is held by his fellow soldier Derek, and then he swings around by Ricky. The baton is then inserted into his muscle hole. You're being fucked...

Part 9

The frustrated interrogators move from Tyler to Derek, who is tied on a sawhorse. Every movement is hell, his balls tugged by coarse ropes as he flinches while the interrogators swat him with crops and switches. They haven’t forgotten about Tyler, though. The big man’s ass has already been invaded, but the electro plug zapping him from within is even worse!

Part 10

Prisoner Tyler has been through so much but the electro butt plug up where the sun don’t shine is almost too much. The big man screams but remains defiant, refusing to break as the tool zaps his fuckhole from the inside. The truth is finally revealed to his interrogators, but not in the way the they intended.
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