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Original upload: 2009-02-28 |
Brent BUSTS Ivan's cherry! Ivan came over with Brent one night, and they've been the best of friends for quite some time. Ivan knew that Brent was Bi, and Brent has been trying to get into Ivan's pants from pretty much day one when they met. Ivan finally got out of the Marines, and told me he was ready to loose his virginity, and told me he wanted to do it on camera! I always promote safe sex and require condoms, but these guys insisted that they were both clean and trust each other and wanted to do this fantasy bareback. They went and got tested together to prove it to each other and it's the only way I agreed to let them. That being said, I must say that this is one of the hottest videos I've ever filmed! The friendship behind this makes it even hotter. Brent's fantasy of fucking his straight best friend, and having his friend fuck him too! Then Ivan's fantasy of "giving anything a try once". You're gonna LOVE this one!
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