Joe Schmoe - Dude, Didnt' I See You On The Internet?

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When we first started making amateur vids, it was mostly because we couldn't find the type of vids we liked. Even though you could say we feature ''white trash'' models...we really like interracial as well.

Black Joe loves young whiteboy dick as you can see in the first two clips. He calls it ''reverse interracial'' because the black guy is doing the dick suckin' instead of the white guy like 98 percent of interracial porn. I realize it ain't for everyone. As usual, thanks for watchin' our real amateur and the guys appreciate your patronage.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Young str8boy Steve dropped by for his first video. He's a scruffy young whiteboy with a rock hard cock that Black Joe wastes no time getting up close and personal with it. Steve does a short interview, takes a shower, then kicks back in the Shcmoe Lounger and Black Joe serves him up. Eventually he shoots one of the biggest nutt shots we've ever filmed.

Amateur Video Scene 2:

Tall, skinny, ghetto whiteboy Robert returns for his first ever BJ from a guy. Of course Black Joe was only too eager to slide his lips all over Roberts long white pecker...till Robert busts his nutt all over Black Joes face.

Amateur Video Scene 3:

Nervous whiteboy Will stoped by with his buddy Robert to do a solo vid. He's supposed to be straight, but he has a huge crush on his buddy Robert. He kicks back, does a short interview, and then kicks back to jerk it. Blaze gives him a dildo, and Will asks some questions about Roberts dick, before he busts one out.

Amateur Video Scene 4:

Nervous whiteboy Mike stopped by for a solo vid. He's pretty nervous in the clip, but it has no effect on his ability to get his dick hard. He does a short interview, and then kicks back and busts one out.

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