Aarin's Initiation Part 2

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It’s part 2 of Aarin’s Initiation and it just keeps getting hotter. Aarin takes some piss up his ass from Shay. He holds it in until Shay tells him to squirt it out. After a good fucking, it’s fisting time. Aarin’s hairy hole takes Shay’s big fist up to the wrist. Shay works on that boy hole while some piss still drips out from the piss enema Aarin took earlier. Aarin wants to cum with Shay’s fist in his ass, so he asks permission. Permission granted, Aarin lets go of a huge blast of cum. Shay wants to get his nut too. He fucks Aarin’s stretched out hole ’til he blows his wad all over Aarin’s boy butt.
2015-05-06 02:55:24
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