Elder Campbell - The Interview (with Bishop Hart)

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Young love can be a confusing thing. Hormones are racing, your body's changing, and there's pressure from the world around you to pair off.

Elder Campbell was caught up more than most in the dizzying messages coming from within and without. Before he even was developing the chemical feelings of attraction, girls were chasing him around hoping to date him.

And it's not hard to see why. Campbell is a handsome, sweethearted, sensitive boy. His biggest flaw has always been his own sense of worry. Everything he did and does is carefully considered and meticulously planned. And when he has doubts, it can sometimes be hard for him to get out of his own head and just act.

Until one day when he was 16 and he was spending more and more time with one particular girlfriend. He kind and polite and everything a good boy should be.

They knew they shouldn't, but one day after school they snuck off to a private room to kiss. One thing led to another and before they knew they were down to their garments.

Everything about it was so exciting and new that Elder Campbell could hardly contain himself. For the first time in his life, he did not think twice about something and just went with his desires... and the two teens had sex.

As soon as it was over, the boy felt a weight fall upon him like a ton of bricks. A guilt that could have knocked him down came over him as he became fully aware of the stakes of this transgression.

He confessed again and again and never saw the girl after that. He committed himself to being chaste and pure and doing what his priesthood leaders told him. And for a couple years thereafter, this worked for him.

Until Bishop Hart came along.

It was standard for young Mormons to have one-on-one interviews with the leaders of their area to review their worthiness and piety. Elder Campbell had no problems answering most questions, but anything about sex made him terribly uncomfortable. Bishop Hart was scheduled to meet with the boy knew of his past. And such, he wais was determined to push his limits. After all, the more repressed the boy, the better it is when they submit.

Bishop Hart's questions started fairly routine, but got more and more invasive. Questions about masturbation, fantasies, how often he has wet dreams and of what they contain. Then came the questions about men.

Men? Elder Campbell never actively thought of men, but once the subject came up, this mind went into overdrive recalling the men of his life. Boys on the mission, other priests, friends of family and son. He crossed his arms instinctively, as if trying to shield himself in someway. But the probing questions went too deep.

"When you're in the shower after gym, do you notice the other men?"

"I guess," he stammered, considering his answers. "I mean, no! No, I don't."

"You've never seen other men in the showers?"

"Well, I have sometimes, occasionally." The boys eyes trailed off, finding themselves aimed at the shiny wedding band on Bishop Hart's hand. It was just in the line of sight of the man's crotch. Elder Campbell knew he shouldn't look, and knowing he shouldn't made him worry that he would. And the worry that he would immobilized his eyes on the man's conceal package.

"And you do know any particular parts of the men? Anything your eyes focus on?"

Elder Campbell felt himself sweat. The line of questioning scared him. Not just because of what he'd say, but because the truth was new and unexpected. "...Occasionally."

"Are you aware that whenever you say occasionally, you look down at my crotch?"

Elder Campbell shot his eyes up to Bishop Hart's. A drop of sweat ran down his temple as he processed the implication of the man's question.

"Stand up," Hart said plainly. The boy did so, feeling his body tremble with terror. Bishop Hart then reached for his tie and began to unknot it.

"W-what are you doing?" Elder Campbell asked with a stammer. The boy's eyes were wide and nervous.

Bishop Hart took a beat and looked right into his worried eyes with the stillness of a lion. "I'm going to take off your tie. And then you're going to do the and sit back down."

Elder Campbell followed along, even spouting out a hurried "yes, sir." He was quick to obey. Jumpy and anxious. He had no idea what was to come.

Once he sat, the older man walked behind him and tied his hands behind his back. It was at that moment that Elder Campbell realized something terrible: he was not in control anymore. He'd spent the past 2 years in perfect self-discipline and being in control of every single thing he does. Now, tied to the chair, he felt the scale tip. With the tightening of the knot on his wrists, he felt that control go. And not only that... but he was just in his garments!

Bishop Hart moved back around to his front side and began, "I don't feel you're being entirely honest with me. There are secrets you're keeping and I'm going to bring them to light. I believe you have same sex attraction and have been lying to me and others about that."

"No, that's not true," Elder Campbell said, shaking his head as he denied the charge.

The older man leaned down and planted a kiss on the boy's mouth. It was firm, but pleasant. It shot sparks throughout the bound boy's body and he felt himself absorb its power. Bishop Hart leaned back up and looked at the boy with his piercing eyes.


Elder Campbell's face was so flushed that his freckles disappeared into the redness of his cheeks. He tried to deny it, but his body was answering for him. Between his smooth, porcelain thighs rose an erection that could not be hidden even if hadn't been stripped down.

Bishop Hart brought his hand down to caress it, stroking it through the sheer fabric of his garments. He was impressed by its size and curious how thick it felt. He placed a hand up the boy's shorts, feeling past his low-hanging testicles and squeezing the thick piece in his grip.

Elder Campbell let out a worried moan, not wanting to react or even be hard! But it felt so good—too good. Bishop Hart ran his fingers along the ridge of his cock, trailing its length and surveying its size.

"Looks like you like having a grown man touch your penis," Bishop Hart said, almost under his breath and challenging Elder Campbell.

The boy wanted to run, but he had nowhere to go. "Is that bad? Am I going to get in trouble?"

"Not if it's with me."

Bishop Hart leaned in to kiss the boy again, this time with more passion and intensity than he had before. Elder Campbell let out a whimper as their lips met. Not from the kiss itself, but from Bishop Hart's busy fingers.

As their mouths pressed together, Bishop Hart had moved his hands between the boy's ass, pressing on his hole, feeling the nervous boy's hole tighten up further than usual. Bishop Hart knew he had his work cut out for him, but he knew he'd get this anxious boy to loosen up...

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