ChaosMen - Mac Savage solo [1080p]

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Release date: 26th September 2022

We find Mac Savage reclining on the bed in a black tank and briefs as he delivers his candid interview. This beefy bodybuilder identifies as bisexual, though he really prefers to be label-less. His turn-ons include having someone sit on his face, and cuddling. So sweet!

Mac stands to the side of the bed and strips off his tank, revealing a toned chest covered with fur. He grabs some lube, pulls away his briefs, and begins to stroke his dick as he rubs his pecs. He showcases his ass for you, then goes back to focusing on his cock.

Mac climbs onto the bed and peers at you through the camera as he continues to work his fat dick, which is plumping up nicely. As we peer up from between his legs, Mac declares that he's 'getting a little sweaty,' then takes a few sniffs of his scent, which he clearly enjoys.

Mac rises to his knees and focuses on his cock, his hips shifting to and fro as he works it, pausing to smack his dick against his palm. He turns around on the bed, grabs some more lube, and puts his ass on display for you. He leans forward and begins to hump the bed as we watch from behind.

Ready to nut, Mac flips back over and strokes his cock with one hand as he plays with his nipple with the other. He blasts a thick, creamy load on to his belly, with the rest dribbling down his thumb. He reaches down to collect a sample, then brings it to his mouth for a taste.

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21:18 minutes
2022-09-26 10:21:19
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