♺ Gay wrestling #70-Can-am-Paul Perris Versus Billy Vochek boxing, choking out, elbowing, kicking, kickboxing, kneeing, knock-outs, muscle flexing, punching, sparring, stretching out, victory posing, weightlifting

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This is the whole movie. This is Kick-Ass Bodybuilder Feud 2 VERSION 2. Can-am made two versions of this movie. This version is filmed more up close with less lighting and Paul and Billy lift weights and stretch out much less and they do more boxing drills and punch and kick the heavy bag more. Then there are other differences too. They do some kickboxing sparring and tempers fly. Then Paul starts in with wrestling. Billy ends up kicking Paul's ass and ties him up and uses him as a human punching bag. Then he ties his ankles together to keep Paul from kicking around. Billy kicks and punches the crap out of him. Then Billy drags Paul onto the oil mat and Paul revives and takes control in oil wrestling and chokes out Billy with a rope. This movie is premium kickboxing/wrestling at its finest. Both Paul and Billy wear tank tops, tights, speedos and boxing/wrestling shoes. The pictures reflect what is contained in the movie and are pulled right off of the movie. Vintage. Enjoy.

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