Asian Boy Feet - Doctor Footlittle

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Doctor Footlittle is very cute, and very kinky! When his patient, a cute Asian student, comes in to have his foot examined, he gets more of a check-up that he bargained for. The good doctor's hands start roaming from the foot, slowly massaging up the patient's leg to his crotch. This seems to turn on the patient who's dick has started to stand erect and pops out from his pants. The doctor knows how to treat this symptom however, and takes that delicious Asian dick in his mouth. He gives it a good suck but is drawn back to the foot. Those wiggling toes need to be taken in his mouth and gently massaged with his tongue. The patient cant control himself anymore and strips the doctor of his white coat to reveal a pretty tanned body underneath, and underpants showing a visible bulge. The boys change roles and the doctor receives some of the same treatment he was just administering. Looks like these two have a foot fetish, b! ut what will they get up to next? Find out at!

2011-03-01 19:36:32
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