BroTributes two straight guys doing celebrity cum tributes TOGETHER

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I don't know much about them, except that they were pretty big on some tribute subreddits when their account still existed. (for the uninitiated, a tribute usually encompasses taking photos of you putting your genitals and/or recording the act of cumming onto someone else's photos).
These men took it a step further by doing it together. Sometimes one came before the other one, and some other time they came together: on a picture of a female celebrity, while the celeb's music or straight porn was playing in the background. I loved listening to their deep grunts and their cocks unloading one by one.

They stopped posting and deleted their accounts on reddit and xhamster somewhere around last year, it was speculated that they were found out by friends or family. These are what I could salvage from all the sites they posted on.
2022-11-20 10:16:32
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