[G-ONA] GONA-346 第8弾!スリ筋美少年巨根大学生をインタビュー中に即挿入凸種付けプレス♂

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This time, a slim, muscular, beautiful boy came to the hotel room! He is currently a university student enjoying his student life. As we continue the interview, a perverted masked man suddenly appears from another room! Here he is, our pervert masked man!
The sudden and unexpected turn of events has the girls confused, but they are suddenly drenched by Gogglesman's raw cock and although they were scared at first, the pleasure of the raw cock is too much for them and they are dug as the masked man wants. He was digging her in the normal position, and when she started to feel good, he moved to the cowgirl position, and he had a huge dick. He spurts, and she gets dug in the normal position and shoots a lot of cum!

After cumming, Goggleman shows his true colors! He gets fucked raw by a beautiful, slit-muscled boy with a high speed piston! After all the chatting in the interview, it's still very erotic to get a cumshot right after the interview!


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