You Bet Your Ass

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"These young players got game in You Bet Your Ass and they're hedging their bets that they're gonna load up and double down. They might even get royally flushed or bust a nut! Who's gonna hold? Who's gonna fold? And who's gonna go bust? They're betting their asses and the winner is you.

After a few rounds of strip poker with the other guys, Anthony Romero and Alex Rock talk about the mixed results they've had so far... some good, some bad. But the two have still got game and bet they can break even taking each other on. They make out like horny teenagers before Anthony goes down on Alex, rocking him to the core by drinking in the wonders of his slim frame and sucking on his thick dick. They trade places, and Alex hits the jackpot sucking his buddy off, rimming his butt crack and then fucking him up the ass. Anthony climbs on top of Alex and rides his cock, all the while jacking himself off until he shoots his load. And for the big win, Alex gets up and jerks off all over his partner until he finally sprays Anthony's chest with his cum.

Matthew Singer and Jordan Foster are two jokers wild with excitement. Jordan is the first to fold and he gobbles up his fuzzy-chested partner's tasty horse dick. His deep-throating expertise is getting Matthew all flushed and aroused. Before long the two pals switch things up with Matthew taking his turn to deal Jordan a full house of man play. He works over his meaty pole, munches his man crack and then fucks the primed asshole like a high roller. The guys rotate into different positions, finishing with Jordan up-ended, his legs and butt hole aimed upwards so Matthew can plunge his poker deep. Jordan yanks his crank excitedly while he's getting screwed, both of them working fast and hard until they finally show their hands and cash in their loads.

All bets are off. Ridge Michaels and Seth Knight are like two butterflies in heat buzzing about who's got better game. The only way to shut Seth up is to stuff his mouth full with cock and that's exactly what Ridge does. Soon both are humming that special song as Seth works his tongue up, down and all around Ridge's rigid rod. It quickly becomes even money when the two change it up so Ridge can get his hungry licks in on Seth's prick. Both guys are definitely feeling like they're scoring big time as Ridge lays back and opens wide so Seth can face fuck him with a nonstop series of crotch-to-throat thrusts. Then Ridge ups the ante rimming and then fucking Seth's asshole. He grinds in deep and fierce until both of them blow their wads
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